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Harness the Natural Power of Beauty!


Jessica, a skilled esthetician with expertise in this specific peel, wholeheartedly recommends the Green Peel made from natural herbs to all her clients, deeming it nothing short of magical.


The Green Peel enjoys worldwide recognition for its ability to rejuvenate the skin non-invasively. This herbal Green Peel promotes increased blood circulation, which, in turn, accelerates metabolism and collagen production. As a result, it gently sheds the outer layers of skin, unveiling fresher and more youthful skin.


This treatment is effective for addressing various skin concerns, including sun-damaged skin, wrinkles (as a preventive measure for aging), impurities like pimples, hyperpigmentation, and enhancing skin turnover. The end result is radiant and glowing skin.

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Oxygen therapy included*

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